AIPC is focused on growth sectors that impact the local economy and the global environment.


AIPC drives projects in the solar energy generation sector, as well as the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure
to reduce the use of fossil fuels that power
our economy. From homes to cars to factories, renewable energy sources are reshaping the ways we generate and distribute energy.


AIPC is a pioneer in the biofuels space to change to the way we power the engines of commerce. AIPC BioFuels generates fuels from renewable sources to power our ships, airplanes, and trucks that move the world's goods from factories to stores to consumers across oceans, skies, and roads.


AIPC is working to preserve the world's most renewable resource; water. Potable water has been wasted, misused, and undervalued in the United States and used to sustain crops, manufacturing, landscaping, and recreation facilities. AIPC is deploying water-saving tech and water-free facilities to reduce water use.